It doesn’t matter what language you speak if you speak one language with someone.

For me and my – still new – neighborhood, East Falls, that language apparently is Japanese.

Now that would be very ambitious of me to claim I can speak it, but there is this single word that I understand and can relate to.

And so do you.

This word is “komorebi”.

K o m o r e b i.

Let me explain.

Early Saturday morning I was walking to the East falls train station when sunlight started streaming through the leaves of the trees here on it’s hill.  The shadow created on the ground reminded me of curtains I still need to buy for a new home, but also made me stop to observe.

I stayed in the moment until the train has arrived right on schedule.

The trees, the pouring morning light, the leaves with golden sparkles – there should be a word for this beauty.

I started thinking what that word would be.

Being divided in three languages on everyday basis I struggle with finding a  w o r d  quite often.

A constant  imperfect yet adventurous effort to catalog a world around made.

To put a metadata on it in a way.

Fill in journals, write love notes, caption photographs, even grocery-shopping list – I am in search of the precise words for everything.

Finally all those filthy boards from Pinterest with untranslatables  paid off.

Collections of words I won’t say.

Collections of words I shouldn’t say.



Wait, there it is.


The Japanese word  for when sunlight filters through the trees.