Fine Wine And Good Spirits

God works in mysterious ways and so does the FineWine&GoodSpirits.
It took a world quarantine for me to understand Pennsylvania liquor laws.
Not being able to buy a bottle of rum in store is something which Ukrainian in me is not used to.
It’s been a couple of weeks and my newly favorite bar ( the back yard ) is experiencing supply chain interruptions.
The state monopoly, the Fine Wine And Good spirits surely knows the art of deal.
Their online site, the only source of hope, has been ddos’d into oblivion.
They say I am a valued customer though.
Suddenly once upon a Time on Friday ordering opened.
What would you do if you were starring down a treasure field cave but only had 15 seconds and one Benjamin?
I know what I did.
I screamed.
I yelled.
I started crying.
I made my choices.
Metaphorically I was running through the store with the basket.
And I placed the order.
The site immediately went dead.
It took my Benjamin.
Then the letter confirming p e n d i n g transaction arrived.
My sweaty forhead dripped onto touch screen.
I refreshed inbox.
There it was – the confirmation.
Now I have my to live with my choices and pray the I put correct shipping address.
Otherwise someone is getting lucky tonight.